Warsaw Virtual Space - Fully Adapted for Sound Recording

Technical Specs

    Total studio area: 750m² 

    Operational/Set Design Area: 512m

    Studio height: 12.5m

    6 winches moving to any location on 4 ceiling-mounted tracks – capable of suspending up to 6 tons of lighting or decorations

    24 m 24m of trusses, triangular aluminum structures – allowing the installation of lighting in any configuration, at any height, and in any location within the hall

    A rigging system on all walls with winches – allowing for the hanging of backdrops and other background elements

    Power connection 250 kW

    Industrial floor 3 t/m

    Large entrance gate

    Wardrobe/Makeup Room, Office space + two bathrooms (a total of 100 m² of facilities)


Blueprints and photos of the studio


office space

Wardrobe/makeup room